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With all things going on fine for Jeremy McConnell concerning the weekend he seems to be putting the issues of pregnancy surrounding him and his ex-Stephanie Davis aside focusing on the Bank Holiday weekend.

McConnell has been involved in a very cruel Twitter quarrel with pregnant ex, which has been just tug of fight in their twitted discussions. McConnell has already shown on his Twitter account on Friday indicating he will appear at a club in Nantwich Cheshire. He wrote this way “Hey Guys, I’ll be in StudioNantwich tonight”

After his nasty Twitter exchange with his ex on Wednesday McConnell appear to be good as he stood looking up the stars beside a BMW convertible.
He later posted “Thanks boys ,gonna have a large steak now newthing ” in a very lengthen message McConnell blame his ex cheating on him with her ex Sam Reece.

According Mirror News, Here are some Twitter conversations they had captured from there handle.

Jeremy & McConnell-tweet 1

Jeremy & McConnell-tweet2

Jeremy & McConnell-tweet3