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Mata, who was sold from Chelsea by Jose Mourinho in 2014, his tipped to leave old Trafford following Jose Mourinho arrival. The Spanish forward, who played in the right flank for Man United last season, can exit the club anytime as his future remains uncertain.

Juan Mata won the best player of the season for two successive seasons in a role during his spell at Stanford Bridge, before the arrival of Jose Mourinho in 2013. The ex-Chelsea boss terminates his contract with the blues, as he saw his style of football offensive and sluggish.

Mata has won the heart of Old Trafford lovers so far in his short term with them, as he is love for his gentle character in and off the pitch. With this Jose Mourinho could be running at a risk if he sells the player, has this will not only set him apart from the fans but will also break the team, an experience from Chelsea he would not want to repeat.

Mata was omitted from the Spanish team in the ongoing Euro 2016 tournament taking place in France. The 28-year old will need to battle for a spot in the new Mourinho team if allowed to stay with the club.

Luke Shaw who just returned from a long injury has describe the Spanish star as probably the nicest footballer on planet Earth, while Mata is so settled in England’s north-west he and his father are backing the Tapeo and Wine restaurant which recently opened on Deansgate in Manchester city centre.

Though the superstar future appears not to be clear, he is confidence that life at Man United is not yet close to an end.