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Wayne Rooney the super star of Manchester United has been in a serious pressure ever since the united Coach Jose Mourinho came into Manchester United, he insisted that Wayne Rooney is not a unique midfielder impact ever since he has been in Manchester United.

Meanwhile after all the pressure from the Coach, the Manchester United super star Wayne Rooney cannot hold it on saying: “Sometimes you have to make choices in your career and at the minute it’s probably better for me to play deeper.

Next season am still going to play with Manchester United, that’s where I see myself playing.”

Due to his explanation and reaction about his midfield representation he concluded that he will be more effective and will wake the man in him, according to his match performance last season which they defeated Bournemouth 3-1 in the final, Wayne Rooney was the man of the match who coordinated the game and even scored a goal and assisted the other.

All these the super star Rooney did was enough to rank his future midfield striking in a match, the super star do always coordinate the game in every tournament to his team-mate.

Wayne Rooney keep on insisting saying: “I can play that position perfectly well, I have played and watched Paul Scholes play that role for years and I always knew that one day that is where I would play, so I have tried to learn and watch what he did.”

Do you want to tell me that those efforts appear to have been a waste. My dream taken away, with a swipe at Rooney’s trademark raking passes for a very good measure. “You can tell me his pass is some how amazing but my pass is very well amazing too without any pressure,” Jose Mourinho insisted.