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A report just reaching us states that WWE has decided against giving the winner of “OMG!” Shocking Moment of the Year, Kalisto any push despite his popularity, talent, look and impact in WWE events.

Kalisto is one Superstar who has proved himself and continues to do so in the WWE main roster, you can’t take it away from him; he has that touch and OMG thing about him. On the other hand, Sin Cara is exceptional and he too has that magic and infinite presence whenever he in the squared ring. Fans can never get tired of either of them but word is already going round that if the Lucha Dragons is eventually split up, Kalisto would record more success than any one in the team including Sin Cara who just dislocated his shoulder on Monday Night RAW this past Monday.

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The irony about this whole thing is while a lot of people are of the opinion that Daniel Bryan never had that appealing countenance to be promoted by WWE, WWE did. But several sources have reported that WWE has no intention of promoting or pushing Kalisto despite all his magic, appealing look, talent and OMG ability. The report categorically stated that WWE doesn’t even have any plan for him in the future at all.

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When Kalisto won the Slammy Award for “OMG!” Shocking Moment of the Year, he said something that appealed to a lot of hearts. His word on Twitter was, “Moments like these motivate me to keep fighting!” An argument is already centered on that speech; some are saying that he said that in response to the report that WWE has no plan of pushing him higher. But that is yet to be confirmed. Neither WWE nor Kalistor has said anything about that just yet.