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Triple H fell in love with Stephanie McMahon after he has successfully fascinated Chyna who used to be his girlfriend then and for a fairly long time they dated.

Stephanie McMahon is crazily in love with her husband who she got married 13 years ago. This couple has 3 children and are very comfortable.

Recently, to celebrate the bliss and success of their marriage, an anniversary was done. This anniversary was indeed a toast to fruitful date and relationship despite the storms that aroused at each given times or places.

Worthy to note is the fact that Triple H and the commissioner of RAW Stephanie McMahon has three beautiful daughters who seems to be great dreamers of the WWE career. Stephanie once said that her first daughter is already dreaming of becoming a title holder when she grew up. with this, we can say, that the WWE has great and promising future.

Below is the photo taken on the anniversary day: