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Paul Heyman’s contract with the WWE recently expired and it took time for the WWE to call him if not for the intervention of his client Brock Lesnar. It is revealed that Brock Lesnar was not in WWE when this happened he was still free aired after his UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt in MMA and even when he returned to the ring of WWE, Paul was seen with him.

Paul Heyman is the advocate to WWE superstar The Beast well known as Brock Lesnar. Lesnar had a brief problem in his career with the USADAA over a two time failed drug test which would have caused him to be penalized even in the WWE but Vince McMahon stated otherwise saying that Brock Lesnar is a part time wrestler and not a timer and that the WWE wellness policy is only for the full time wrestlers in the Company.

Furthermore, it is revealed by multiple sources that one of the biggest reasons behind the hesitation of WWE was that Heyman was asking for far more money than his previous contract which officials were not willing to pay. Although, it hasn’t been disclosed yet if WWE succumbed to Heyman’s demands or if a middle ground was reached.

More so, Seeing Paul Heyman appearing with Brock Lesnar both on RAW and SmackDown forced the WWE officials to quickly renew his contract with the contract but as reported earlier, it has not been revealed whether or not Paul’s demand was met. Reports also states that, Brock Lesnar was the reason behind WWE re-signing Brock Lesnar into the company.