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Paige has been WWE women’s champion and a dedicated wrestler as we may say of her. But since her last appearance in the June 27th episode of Raw, she has not been seen even though it was reported that she was drafted to RAW. It is reported that Paige was scheduled to team up with newly crowned WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks against the team of Dana Brooke and Charlotte during the tour, but a replacement is now expected to be announced by the WWE.

Most fans will want to ask what the reason is as even she was rumored to have been pulled from WWE’s upcoming event and this rumor seem to have gained ground in several social medias and beyond. Well, confirming whether or not this rumor is true or false, Paige’s mother Saraya Knight revealed that the Diva is currently injured, explaining her absence from recent shows and live events.

Paige’s mother Saraya Knight, who is an independent wrestler, took to micro-blogging site Twitter to quash rumours regarding the absence of her daughter and set the record straight. Reports had been doing the rounds that the 23-year-old was either fired by the WWE or she was pregnant. However, after her mother’s outburst on social media, we know the reason behind her absence, although Knight didn’t reveal the specifics of the injury or how the Diva sustained it.

Furthermore, the measure of days to which the WWE Diva would miss out from the WWE has not been as even the report of her being was not announced by the WWE and the severity of her injury was not stated by her mother either. But anyway, we wish that Paige just get better and returns to action in the ring because she has been missed a lot by fans. Below are the tweets of Paige’s mother: