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Paul Heyman and CM Punk

Paul Heyman and CM Punk

Paul Heyman, one of CM Punk’s principal supporters has spoken about CM Punk in relation to his WWE career and early life. Heyman was on air this week and he addressed questions that concern CM Punk and the forthcoming UFC debut.

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According to Heyman who spoke on the Sports Illustrated podcast, it’s in their knowledge that CM Punk is within the thirty years bracket without a satisfactory athletic upbringing.

Heyman didn’t stop there; he went further to draw a line of contrast between Punk and Brock Lesnar. The argument is, Punk has no reasonable athletic history while Lesnar has always been a wrestler all his life.

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Punk was only tutored by some world-class Jiu-Jitsu guys but that never made up for the experiences he lacked in nearly all early life’s competition, Heyman said.

In addition to that, Heyman said Punk recognizes himself as a rebel and that’s one reason why he is very passionate about the UFC and will not flow with conventional wisdom.

Punk has that success mind and will be set for the UFC debut, Heyman said conclusively.

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