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Seeing that he could no longer bear his anger, he breaks his silence in a furious manner

The WWE in recent times have been having series of shows with bouts ending in various wins or loses.
But in the just concluded MTV’s The Challenge, CM Punk came out losing woefully to a fellow contestant. Although champion finds it very difficult to just accept defeat without a promise of another time, Punk got very angry at the way he was brutally defeated seeing it as a shame UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) career.

With this many see his bouts in recent times as his failed professional wrestling career especially with the UFC loss.
A flash back to 2005 when CM Punk whose real name is Phil Brooks became prominent in the WWE when he became victorious at the Wrestlemania 24 in the Money In The Bank ladder match, it was so tough that a lot of attentions were diverted to him.
The 38 year old professional wrestler called it a quit for the WWE and the professional wrestling at large back in 2014 owing to the injuries he claimed to have sustained back then.

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If you have been following the trends of Punk right from time, you will recall that he made his MMA debut in September 2016 at UFC 203, a tough fight which he lost to Mickey Gall, after receiving brutal strike which later prompted him to surrender to a Rear-Naked-Choke in the very first round.

Since then he has not been seen in the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) apart from the aforementioned fight and recently chose to participate in MTV’s reality show The Challenge.

The show featured professional athletes from different sport fighting against reality TV stars in challenging physical contests. Punk was part of one such in-show contest and ended up on the losing side, following which he was trolled by a fellow competitor known to be Jason Bananas.

Seeing that he could no longer bear his anger, he breaks his silence in a furious manner saying:
“I was either going to win gloriously or die a glorious death (CM Punk speaking about his UFC debut). And that’s something somebody like you is never going to understand. Because they would never let you in because nobody would ever pay a dime to see your (expletive).”

In view of this, there is high possibility for CM Punk to appear at the coming MTV reality show The Challenge Season 29, titled as Invasion of the Champions. Owing that he still has a valid contract with the UFC and has no plans of returning to professional wrestling…for now.

It is our believe that no matter how It seems, Punk is still a great man in professional wrestling and he will always be.