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Jim Cornette offers Vince Russo

The mutual hatred between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo has existed since the Attitude Era, but Cornette wants to take things to a physical level. On an episode The Jim Cornette Experience, The Louisville Loudmouth offered Russo $5,000 if he can beat Cornette in a legit fight.


What we know about this….

Russo and Cornette’s history date back to the Attitude Era when Russo became the head writer for WWE. Both men were members of the creative team and were known to butt heads with each other in the late 90s.

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Russo would leave the WWE in 1999 to work for WCW and Cornette would remain with the company working with the WWE’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Russo and Cornette wouldn’t cross paths again until both men were writing for TNA Impact Wrestling in 2006. They worked together for three years until Cornette was fired by TNA in 2009; Russo would be fired in 2012.

Vince Russo

The real problem

This recent skirmish between Russo and Cornette came from Cornette claiming that Russo writes to WWE every week begging for a job while Jim Cornette and Eric Bischoff were requested by the company without inquiry. Russo would respond on the Wrestling Inc. podcast denying Cornette’s claims.

Jim Cornette

“If I’m dying and begging the WWE for a freaking job, am I really going to go on my freaking show and read Vince McMahon’s personal email? I mean, let’s just be logical bro. Like, is that the way I would get a job if I was dying and begging for a job? It’s so freaking ridiculous.”

Cornette would go on his podcast and discussed both the recent comments from Russo and previous ones where Russo dared Cornette to say some of these comments to his face. Cornette responded claiming he was sick of hearing Russo and offered him $5,000 if he can beat him in their proposed fight.

“So not only will I come to you, not only will I meet you in a neutral location with no cops, no guns, no knives – I’m gonna have $5,000 in cash with me and you can have it if you can take it away from me.”

Vince Russo WWE TNA

Our expectation

Russo and Cornette have been disparaging each other online ever since they left TNA, but this offer by Cornette is the first time that Cornette has offered Russo money to have a physical confrontation.

If Russo agrees to this confrontation, then the wrestling world may be in for some big news in the next couple of days.

Dixie Carter and Vince Russo

Where we stand

Whether fans think he’s serious or not, Cornette’s made his offer. Nothing to do now until Russo either accepts or declines Cornette’s challenge.