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Pictures Of Lacy Evans as she goes topless

Who is Lady of NXT, Lacey Evans dating? Is Lacey Evans in any relationship?

This is one question on the lips of the WWE Universe as well as wrestling fans.

So far, Lacey Evans has proven why she cannot be ignored or left out on the list of “the hottest women in wrestling”. As we address her dating life, you will also see “in several photos” showing “The Lady of WWE” wearing very little and leaving even less to the imagination.

WWE Lacey Evans boobs about to pop out

Lacey Evans has made great strides in the business of wrestling in a very short time and many fans including WWE Superstars are insinuating that she came in through the back door.

They argued that considering Lacey Evans’ talents and skills, making her way to the top of the WWE tensed roster in a very short time can only be possible with women who opens their legs at will for WWE officials.

Here are fast facts you should know about the Lady of NXT, Lacey Evans.

#2 Lacey Evans sleeping with WWE “gods”

WWE star Sonya Deville has been involved in an extraordinary crude bust-up with fellow star Lacey Evans on social media.


WWE Lacey Evans butt pictures

As things tumbled on, Sonya Deville pins that Lacey Evans sleeps around with WWE officials and “god”.

Sonya Deville in an interview where she originally called out Becky Lynch, has her own thoughts on why Evans has progressed so quickly.

Responding to Evans highlighting that she has main evented on Raw and other pay-per-views, Deville posted: “Ohhh Id for sure get those opportunities if I went about it the same way you do …nasty.”

Evans then posted back “Your lack of success is a hard pill to swallow,” before highlighting that she has a husband.

WWE Lacey Evans boobs about to pop out

She then added: “What man am I trying to please?”

Deville responded: “You’re right I’m not swallowing anything maybe that’s the difference between us.”

#1. Lacey Evans Married, Husband, Children

Lacey is lucky in love! She got married to her high school sweetheart who has been a bedrock of support to her. Lacey and her partner have been together since she was 15 years old.

Talking about her husband’s job, he is a general contractor and works for their construction company.

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

In the course of their 14 years of togetherness, Lacey and her husband are parents to a cute little daughter, Summer Estrella. Summer is currently at the age of six.

Although Lacey’s husband is someone who prefers to stay away from the limelight, Lacey sometimes shares pictures with her husband on Instagram. Similarly, on Summer’s Instagram handle, she seldom posts pictures with her daddy and gives the glimpse of their family life.

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

Lacey Evans enjoying her family time with her husband and daughter, Summer

However, the report on Evans Lacey’s personal life is that she’s now a single mum and her husband has left her. Some online magazines have also confirmed her to be a single mother and a divorcee.

Lady of NXT, Lacey Evans is reportedly swallowing anything and sleeping with WWE “gods” in her bid to get to the top of her career in a very short time.