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Ric Flair Leaves Hospital

Ric Flair Dead or Alive: Update On Ric Flair’s Health After Surgery Yesterday

Ric Flair had to undergo surgery this week which he had done yesterday. Charles Barkley was the one who broke the news during halftime on an NBA broadcast. Not much is known about that he had done, but there is good news to report.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he is in the dark about the nature of Flair’s operation as well, but he made it through just fine.

“I just know he’s fine, as far as the surgery, I don’t know what it is.”

Liv Morgan WWE

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It is good to know that whatever Naitch had done was successful and he’s still doing good. At 70-years-old any type of procedure can be worrisome, especially seeing how much he scared everyone with his health crisis before SummerSlam in 2017.

Charlotte Flair On Ric Flair’s Condition After Surgery

Charlotte Flair

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The spirit of death still hovers Charlotte Flair’s father, Ric Flair as everyone wonders on what is his current state of health.

His daughter, Charlotte Flair has been mute on the Ric Flair’s health condition following recent surgery while the WWE Universe stay tiptoe.

The WWE Women’s Champion ought to have spoken up to give Ric Flair’s fans latest update on his health but she has decided to keep quiet for a reason or two.

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However, we shall bring you updates as touching Ric Flair’s health as information becomes available to us.

WHAT HAPPENED: Ric Flair Rushed To Hospital Again As Intestines (Stomach) Burst Open

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair’s father, Ric Flair is still rocked by the spirit of death as everyone wonders on what is his current state of health.

Earlier this year WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was put into a medically induced coma after a routine visit to the hospital pulled up a much more severe medical problem.

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Flair has been part of the wrestling business now for more than five decades and it seems that during that time Flair has struggled to hold down his life as a family man and a wrestler.

Earlier in his career, he became well-known as a person who loved to drink and party and when he was younger his alcohol consumption was manageable, but it seems to have become much harder for his body to handle as he’s gotten older.

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Alcohol has always been a consistent presence in Ric Flair’s life and it seems that once again it was his consumption of alcohol that led to this hospital stay.

On a recent episode of School of Morton Podcast, Flair admitted that before the incident he was drinking with one of his friends when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. It was only when he went to the hospital that he realised that his intestines had burst open. Read Full Details