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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

October 12th results as Chicago and Kane speak from backstage while Stephanie McMahon and Triple H hold onto the speakerphone.

With the way things are going, Kane is going to be in charge of tonight bouts and he has been told to act to the best of his capability.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are dealing with a travel schedules and some other pressing needs.

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Kane has spoken up eventually; he says Rollins will be clashing with Kane later tonight in a Lumberjack Match.

In the ring, Dean Ambrose speaks with the microphone complaining about the Authority. He said the Authority ought to have scheduled fights to commence earlier. Finally, he welcomes everyone to the night battle and said he is set for a fight.

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Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose are pitched on clashing with Braun Strowman and Luke Harper at Hell In a Cell.

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On the other hand, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day interrupt. According to them, they have done something remarkable and unique – The Shield, The Authority, Evolution and Legacy couldn’t have done what they did, they added. But, that didn’t move Orton and characteristically he laughed.
Somehow, Kane appears with fire in his eyes. He said he is the one to fight tonight, a referee jumped into the ring and a match is on.

Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs. The New Day

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