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Could it be that Becky Lynch is in a relationship with the UFC Fighter?

WWE Diva Becky Lynch could have found love

A photo on Instagram links two wrestling Superstars as a likely couple.

Google search from a few days ago exposed the activities of certain WWE fans in searching out info on the private life of a WWE Diva-Becky Lynch.

Though her life is followed constantly, fans have been kept in the dark about this Diva’s love life. The Instagram post bore a picture of the Diva and her found love- a big UFC fighter-Luke ‘Cool Hand’ Sanders.

But the duos appearance in Reseda, California March 2016 shot up the suspicions of inquisitive fans and further spread the word.

Making more news however, now is the Irish Diva’s up-coming “Triple Threat” Match against Sasha Banks and Charlotte.