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Charlotte Flair’s man has been released from his contract and we are just unsure where he would turn to now.

Thomas Latimer was the beloved husband of Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr (Charlotte Flair) from 2013–2015 when they went their separate ways.

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Thomas Latimer, better known in the wrestling world as Bram, took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to announce that Impact Wrestling granted his release from the company. Take a look at his tweet below:

Bram was barely used in 2017 once Anthem took over. He was last a part of the DCC (Death Crew Council) faction with James Storm and Eddie Kingston. His last appearance was on the February 9th episode of Impact Wrestling where the group broke up.

Kingston was also barely used after the DCC disbanded, and he was granted his release just last month.

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One of Bram’s most memorable feuds was the beginning of his Impact Wrestling career with his former tag team partner Magnus. The story was that they were childhood friends and ended up having an Impact Tag Team Championship shot against the Wolves, but failed.

After an argument during the Feast Or Fired briefcase match, Bram turned heel and viciously attacked Magnus which led to a great feud between the two that even brought in Magnus’ wife Mickie James into the story.

It is unknown where Bram will go from here, but the WWE is not a likely landing spot because of the domestic dispute he had with his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Flair in 2015. Bram was on the NXT roster briefly in 2012.