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The end seems to have come for WWE MEGA Star John Cena who has been off and on the WWE network in recent years.

He has been sharing his limited time between two very big and demanding organizations, the WWE and Hollywood and no doubt, the Hollywood is now having the better sides of him.

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But one wonders, “why is the WWE Officials giving away John Cena’s matches?” isn’t that a bad business for the company?”

Well, fans may be hurt to a degree over Cena’s recent match loss but the reason why the WWE WWE officials give away John Cena’s match is because they have figured it out that Cena is already, technically bidding them GOODBYE. So they are trying to use him to get younger Superstars to the top of the ladder.

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Think about the match between John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Cena vs Roman Reigns and whatnot and you would see that Cena is just on the losing side now as his Hollywood stars continues to rise, and big movie offers keep knocking. Yes, WWE officials are simply trying to utilize John Cena while he’s available and push a few big matches to help with ratings on Raw and SmackDown Live.

Cena will be starring in the new Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee, that is expected to take him away from WWE programming very soon, and he’s rumored for a major role in Shazam for DC.

That said, Cena is already becoming a major part the Hollywood family and whistleblowers are saying that Nikki Bella is following suit.

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Nikki Bella has not wrestle for the WWE for that than a year now following the neck injury she sustained and her doctors have advised her to put away the thought of wrestling again forever out of her mind but Nikki, because of her love for her fans, has been making efforts to return.

Now it seems, she might just bend her career to Hollywood and that would make a headline; “Nikki Bella Switches To Hollywood”

Let’s wait and see; time will tell if Nikki Bella is going to Hollywood or not.