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Randy Orton and Charlotte Flair are too good friends and recently the father of THE FORMER WWE Women’s Champion is very comfortable with their relationship.

WWE has finally responded to the conjecture that former World champion Randy Orton is in a romantic relationship with Total Divas star Jojo. Yes, rumors are spreading very fast and the internet is buzzing that the former champion Randy Orton is dating the WWE announcer Jojo Joseann Offerman!

This is not the first time the announcer on the Raw brand is entering into such boat; maybe we should say she seems to be in the habit of looking out for married men. Randy is married to Kim Marie Kessler after divorcing his wife Samantha Speno.

In case you didn’t know: not too long ago, Jojo Offerman was seen romantically kissing Justin Gabriel and whatnot. Everyone gave it up there that the WWE announcer was already down to a relationship with Gabriel at last. And while that wave is just swinging, Randy Orton entered into the list of those dating Jo Jo after Brya Wyatt left.

Yes, a little while ago, Jo Jo was fumbling around and doing the secret dating stuff with WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt which resulted to the wife calling for divorce from their marriage. The divorce documents filed in Hernando County accuse Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, of cheating on Samantha Rotunda, his college sweetheart and wife of five years.

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One report says, “WWE baddie Bray Wyatt’s real-life wife Samantha Rotunda has eventually divorced his wife in Florida accusing The Wyatt Family’s ringleader of adultery.”

As captured in the photo below, there seems to be something intimate between the two WWE stars. According to reports, but people have reportedly seen Orton and Jo Jo together holding hands and doing some small talks, the kind lovers do.

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That said, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that Orton and Jo Jo could be one of the bigger storylines in company in the coming days or weeks. The original ground of this dating stuff between Orton and Jo Jo picked off from this photo of the two at WWE’s Superstars For Hope party a little while ago:

However, we all know that Randy Orton and his former wife divorced after staying together for six long years. They also share a child together. On the other hand, Jo Jo in recently revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend because she was forced to choose between her relationship and her career.

We shall bring up updates as things unfold in the days ahead; please check back!