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Things seem to be falling apart for former WWE star CM Punk who is heavily weighed down with injury. Punk nurses a herniated disc injury and he has since not done any fighting.

Originally, he was thought to be away for just a month and two weeks but that time has elapsed. Even the UFC 199 card UFC President Dana White said he was supposed to feature on has come and gone. And now, word reaching us says that he may feature on the UFC 200 card, or possibly return before the year end.

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When he walked into UFC back then, he was treated like a “small god.” Everyone talked about it but now that spirit seems to be coming down as most of his colleagues and peers now jeer at him.

Hence, it is worthy to note that UFC veteran Michael Bisping was given the privilege to talk about him during Sirius XM Radio and he revealed how Punk’s debut was broached.

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‘The Count’ noted Punk had had sixteen test fighters or ‘smokers’ in the gym and lost fifteen of the simulated fights.

What could be more… we hope he gets over this trial period soon enough!