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After WrestleMania 32 was over featuring the great and fascinating bout between The Undertaker and Shane McMahon, naturally RAW followed and it was one everyone wanted to see and talk about.

Just like WrestleMania 32 came with high spirits, RAW was also full of suspense and awe and I would say, it was just a fallout of the high spirit that came with the WrestleMania.

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On it, , AJ Styles defeated Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho to become the very # 1 contender for Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship and it was such as great one.

It was such an emotional night as AJ Styles was crowed the winner, most especially was because he has been fighting to seat on this one throne for such a long time.

Te fans were also there for him, so ‘the Phenomenal one’ was not celebrating alone. Ovation came forth generously, there were shouts of joy. Yes, voices went up and the temperature of celebration was unmatched.

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Observantly, AJ is one wrestler who does the job better when he steps into the ring alone – yes, he is good as a single fighter and that’s what sells him the most, isn’t it?

With this goal achieved, there are speculations that WWE is now set to give its talents great opportunities to grow unlike the original report which says WWE buries talents.

Now, voices are saying that the way AJ was celebrated was awesome which could translate into his ultimate rise to the top of the ladder especially as Roman Reigns now reign as the new WWE Heavyweight Champion.

More to come as Shane McMahon was given control over RAW last night while The Undertaker is now bent towards retirement.