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The Ravens has just signed in a new player into the team. He is Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace moved from Minnesota, and into Baltimore, to play for the Ravens.

Wallace, who had experienced a low in his last season, performed below par with just 39 passes for 473 yards while in Minnesota’s Vikings. “He infamously finished his run in South Beach with a Week 17 sideline altercation in 2014.”

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Mike Wallace hopes to play better with his new team Baltimore Ravens, because the team has a better quarterback. In his own words, “When this process started, I knew that I wasn’t going back to Minnesota,” Wallace said, per The Baltimore Sun. “I was like, ‘I need a good quarterback. I need a quarterback who I know is proven and can get things done. (Ravens passer Joe) Flacco, he’s always been that guy. I’ve always loved his deep ball. Always.”

Baltimore Ravens signed on Mike Wallace for two years and at eleven and a half($11.5) million dollars.