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The Behind the camera continuation of WWE’s Bray Wyatt.Monday Night Raw. All took to the ring, including the pizza delivery boy.

Chicago Illinois, a volatile US City hosted yesterday’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

This ended with Dean Ambrose’s defeat of Triple H after he got a victory in his fight with

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Triple H exited the ring and arena after his defeat, but the Wyatt Clan showed up, as was suspected, and attacked the Champion, Dean Ambrose. Confusion was created and other wrestlers jumped in, included was the pizza boy.

In the confusion, were the Babyface Brothers who flushed out all other brawlers and rejoiced with the proud Champion, Dean.

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In their celebration, all the Superstars ate of the delivered pizza. By the way the delivery boy was R Truth. WWE ensured that the RAW ended appropriately, the major reason being the part Chicago has played and does play in the company’ s earnings.