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Nikki Bella pregnant for Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev

Reports have it that Nikki Bella may already be pregnant for boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev and she doesn’t want to admit it just yet.

Before we address this matter, let’s see why Nikki Bella was upset over boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev dance cut off.

Nikki Bella Reveals Why She’s Upset Over Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev…

Airing out her grievances. Nikki Bella revealed why she was hurt by ABC’s decision to not cast her boyfriend, Artem Chigvintsev, as a returning pro on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars.

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“He hasn’t seen his family in almost five years and I think that’s also why him getting cut on this season of Dancing With the Stars was really hard on me,” Bella, 35, told Us Weekly exclusively at the USA Today Wine & Food Experience in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 7. “No one knew I was working on trying to get his parents here, because his parents have never seen him dance live for TV.”

Bella added, “His mom has seen him dance once on a live show that was on tour but they’ve never seen him dance live for television.”


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The former WWE star explained to Us that she wanted to “surprise” Chigvintsev during season 28’s live finale by having his parents in attendance. “He’s a Mama’s boy. Like, he FaceTimes them a few days a week, and they’re so close,” she said.

“It’s hard on him,” she said of the 37-year-old Russian-born dancer. “So I would like to learn a really amazing Russian dish and cook it for Artem to bring that home to him.”

Nikki Bella May Already Be Pregnant For Artem Chigvintsev…

Nikki Bella was asked if she was pregnant already or hope to get pregnant soon for Artem Chigvintsev.

To this she replied, “I am totally obsessed with my career. I love it,” Nikki Bella addressed the rumors she wants kids ASAP, and that she’s living with Artem Chigvintsev in the recent The Bellas Podcast.


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“I don’t want kids. I don’t have time for it. I look at my sister and my sister is the best form of birth control ever made. I look at her, and I get exhausted, and I’m like, how can I have a kid right now in my life?” she continued.

“I’m just in a different place in my life. I’m in a different place today than I was a year ago, than I was three years ago, five years ago, and one day I do want to be a mom. But that’s just not right now. I’ll admit, I am not craving it. My ovaries and I, we’re not craving babies.”

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When her twin sister Brie Bella pointed out that fans are probably confused to hear that Nikki doesn’t want kids right now, considering it was a major reason why she and ex-fiancé John Cena broke up, Nikki had the perfect response.

“I’m on this journey of life, too, just like everyone else. And your decisions just happen to change, or timing is off, or you think you really want something, and then you don’t,” she explained.