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Almost like an impossibility but shocking as it is, the Bella Twins reportedly got into a heated argument on Wednesday’s Total Divas.

It was recorded that Brie Bella,on the episode, missed an important meeting with her and Nikki Bella’s agents and this had really upset Nikki. However, Brie had been spending time with Daniel Bryan on the road, and after she missed the business call, Nikki started to worry about her twin sister.

“Brie retired from WWE because she can’t be a mom and wrestle at the same time,” Nikki said.

“Giving that up and not automatically getting pregnant, I feel like she’s just in this in-between stage. And I think she feels lost and it kind of makes me feel bad for her.”

On hearing Nikki’s concern, Brie told her sister, “I kind of put myself in a really f–ked up situation.”

Furthermore, Brie thereafter, had a talk with Bryan about being on the road with him. So how did the couple resolve the situation?

A look at the Total Divas recap video below will surely help you find and to watch more must-see moments (like Trinity Fatu’s awesome new entrance!) from this episode!