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Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has denied coercing talent in OVW to engage in sexual activities with his wife to protect their careers…  but admitted that he’d an interesting sex life. Jim also talked about the leaked pictures of his wife’s butt as well as his sexual assaults and activities: allegations sex life and threesomes hot tub.


On the latest episode of Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast, the promoter strongly denies the accusations made by Independent wrestler Phil Earley – who claims Jim’s wife Stacey attempted to groom him early in his career by sending unwanted lewd photos and harassing messages.

Jim Cornette kissing wife

“I have never offered any wrestler, male or female, preferential treatment, a job, a contract, a push, or anything else related to their employment or threatened the opposite if they would or would not engage in ribbled relations with me or my wife,” Cornette said on his show.

“No female wrestler that I ever worked with in Ohio Valley Wrestling, or anywhere else, to my recollection, has ever said that I talked to them or treated them improperly, except when critiquing their matches or performance of same, but treated them improperly or with any personal or language or actions of that description. I have not been involved with anyone under legal age.”

Jim Cornette and wife smile

“I have never sent inappropriate pics, texts, sexts, or whatever to anybody cause I’ve never sent a damn text to anybody. I’ve never done that on Facebook for the same reason.

I have never slept in the same bed with a woman and not had sex with them and it wasn’t a surprise to anybody that was involved with it when it happened,” he continued.

“Nobody that I’ve ever known in the biblical sense has been forced or coerced in anyway to be there and all seemed happy to take part and happy when it was over it, you can take that as you will.”

Jim Cornette and wife face

“I’m not being accused of cheating by my spouse or significant other because whenever that’s happened she’s either known about it or been there when it took place.

But my own wife is not mad at me for anything. So apparently that just leaves, when you take all those other things out, fun?!? That’s what you’re left over with is just fun?! Day-off personal time amongst friends. Fun?! Isn’t everybody supposed to have their fun?”

Jim Cornette

Cornette then claims that only 5-6 people in the wrestling industry have been in his hot tub.

“If you take out the manipulating people’s jobs accusation, which we’ve just basically drawn and quartered, as as they say, and illustrated it was f*cking caca. What you’ve got left is I’ve been charged with having an interesting sex life.”

Regarding pictures of his wife’s butt which were shown as proof, Jim says Stacey is proud of her butt and likes to show it off. “Pictures of Stacey’s ass are not uncommon,” he explained.

Jim Cornette and Wife

“She is proud of it and rightfully so! I have taken hundreds of pictures of that ass over the years in many different locations. She doesn’t just send them out unsolicited.”

Cornette then claims he and his wife barely know the person who made the allegations against them, but that the wrestler was in proximity of friends to the person his wife was angry with.

Big Show and Jim Cornette smile

Big Show slept with Jim Cornette’s wife

That’s why, Jim claims, his wife went off about the person via Facebook after a few cocktails.