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Steve Austin speak

The next episode of Broken Skull Sessions with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin will premiere on the WWE Network this Sunday.


Austin’s guest for this episode will be WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

The Rattlesnake’s interview with The World’s Strongest Man will premiere at 10am ET on demand this Sunday. It will then air on the WWE Network live stream at 8pm ET that night.

Austin currently has Broken Skull Sessions episodes with various Legends and Hall of Famers on the WWE Network – Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Big Show, Kane, Bill Goldberg, and The Undertaker.

Elsewhere, Mark Henry discussed his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin that will air this Sunday on the WWE Network.

In that episode, Mark said he talked about his dislike for Ahmed Johnson:

“There was a conversation had about Ahmed Johnson saying that Steve was a racist. We touched on that briefly. I was like, listen, Ahmed Johnson was a piece of sh*t.