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The rate at which WWE CEO, Vince McMahon is signing in Superstars from Japan is posing a big threat on The New Japan by making them to be weaker. It has even gone to the extent of competing with their online subscription service.

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In less than seven days before the new year, major stories in the world of wrestling focused their bulleting on the WWE and this has raised the hope of many on seeing the industry shining out like never before in this new year. WWE seems to be waking from their long term slumber according to speculations that against its custom where WWE brings in new faces who can start their career with the company.

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Vince McMahon now sees why he should drop that old tradition and start signing in known Superstars from other companies. According to media reports, he has signed in from New Japan the likes of Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles.

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Well for the heck of it; the newly signed four Superstars from New Japan have been rated time and again as the new biggest stars in the company and their featuring in WWE Pay-per-view has been worthwhile. We shall see more of them in the nearest future and Royal Rumble may just be the first we do a strength test on them.