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WWE has issued official statement as touching the controversial statement made by WWE Star wrestler Finn Balor…

The official social media account for Chyna, who passed away in April 2016, criticized Finn Balor for allegedly referencing one of her porn movies. The tweet seemed innocuous enough, as Balor was part of a tour stop in Shanghai, China.

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The title of his post, “One Night in China,” was too close to the “One Night In Chyna” video for their liking. They wrote:

Not in the best of taste. We at Team Chyna are doing our best to get on the same page with the WWE, and could use as much positive support from wrestlers as possible.#TeamChyna #ChynaHOF #LetChynaIn @WWE

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Chyna full name Joan Marie Laurer passed away on 20 April 2016, Redondo Beach, California, United States owing to ‎Drug overdose and her death has been so painful to all in WWE. The WWE family and the entire Universe still refer to Chyna as the greatest or one of the greatest WWE Women’s Champion that has ever lived.

Their only issue with Chyna however boils down to her porn movies “One Night In Chyna” which Chyna later said she regretted doing. For the record, Chyna once dated Triple H, and it was when Stephanie McMahon came along that Triple H had to let Chyna down because Stephanie would clearly to take a rival. Hence Chyna was released from the company and the rest is now history.