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Luke Gallows dating Nia Jax

Luke Gallows dating Nia Jax

Just one day after Luke Gallows excitedly announced his budding romance with fellow WWE superstar Nia Jax on Twitter, the pair already seem to have taken a ticket straight to splitsville.

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Gallows posted a gushing Tweet about his new love recently, but the sentiments weren’t reciprocated by Jax herself. Last night, he again took to social media to announce the sad news that the two have already separated. Yes, Luke Gallows And Nia Jax No Longer Dating!

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Well, that went well. One possible explanation is that Nia was horrified to see details of her personal life plastered across the internet without her consent (in which case, we’re culpable), and ironically put a lid on the whole situation. More likely, the story is nothing more than an elaborate rib by the banter-tastic Gallows. If so, hopefully, Jax was aware of the jape, and it hasn’t been engineered at her expense.

The dissolution of the Jax-Gallows union is the second high-profile WWE break-up this year, after John Cena and Nikki Bella finally terminated their relationship after several weeks of Total Bellas ratings boosting vacillating. We’ll probably learn more on this, er, ‘story’, over the next few days, so be sure to check back. If you care.