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Bill Goldberg and wife

Maintaining a relationship in the wrestling business really isn’t easy. The road life is hard to sustain; time at home with a loved usually lasts between 48 to 72 hours per week. Suddenly, your real family becomes your peers at work.

That said, it can lead to love triangles on the regular. We’ve seen lots of those unfold in the past, lots of them were even confirmed. Heck, we had a breaking story of a love triangle just months ago featuring a prominent WWE legend and former Women Champion.

Now, let’s see some old relationships and love affairs between WWE male and female stars in the WWE house.

# Chris Benoit, Michelle McCool & The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Wife

This urban legend began to surface about a decade ago. According to the rumor, Benoit and McCool had a relationship behind the scenes and the late Benoit planned to separate from his wife.

Following his passing, McCool would start to date The Undertaker who would ultimately separate from his wife Sara.

# Kimberly, DDP & Eric Bischoff

Kimberly, DDP and Eric Bischoff dated

This is another urban legend from decades ago. This one features DDP, Bischoff and DDP’s ex-wife, Kimberly Page. According to the rumor, these two took part in some wife swapping back in the day.

In an interview, Page admitted that this kind of behavior did take place behind the scenes, though he completely denied the rumor… and why wouldn’t he?

# Matt Hardy, Lita & Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler WWE

During the WCW buyout, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were some of the notable females to join WWE.

For both Wilson and Keibler, things didn’t get off to the best start, especially behind the scenes. Lita grew furious with Stacy for dancing with her man at a club following a show – Lita would confront Stacy rather aggressively about it.

# Sunny, Davey Boy Smith & Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels dated Sunny

The fourth and most important piece to this equation is Chris Candido, the guy that actually dated Sunny. We can call this one a love square…

Sunny would admit in the later years that she also had a relationship with Shawn Michaels and the late British Bulldog… at the same time. It was said that Bulldog wasn’t the biggest fan of Sunny’s relationship with HBK. It should be noted that Bulldog was also married at the time.

# Torrie Wilson, Billy Kidman & Mitch

Torrie Wilson, Billy Kidman and Mitch

Despite the separation, it seems as though the two did so on good terms. Wilson credited her ex-husband for her time in the wrestling business claiming she would have been lost without him.

Wilson’s hectic travel schedule was said to be the main reason for the split. However, she would also start to date Mitch from the Spirit Squad shortly after, leading many to believe her relationship with Kidman came to an end because of it.

# CM Punk, Lita & AJ Lee

CM Punk dated Lita

Speaking of CM Punk, he might have been involved in yet another love triangle, this one featuring an old flame along with his current wife, AJ Lee.

Punk and Lita went public with their relationship and it seemed as though they really hit it off. After they split, Punk would start to date Lee shortly after – it wouldn’t take long for the couple to make it official and get engaged after that.