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Being the champion and the lord of the ring for how long can he defend the title?

At the highest point of a career there are lots of rhetorical questions, because many fight to be at top and they look for diver’s way to unseat the so called champion.

Bobby Gunn is really scared of his position that attracts lots of enemy, the 42years old echoed on how his opponents are working tirelessly to bring him down. “I’ve gotta watch my back.” He exclaimed when speaking to journalist in an interview with journalist.

The IBA cruiserweight world champion is really confused on his career that being the champion challenging.
It’s why Gunn has led the charge for bare-knuckle boxing to be sanctioned in the United States.

Gunn has also been charged for bare-knuckle boxing which is unlawful in United State.
This champ is found of making illegal fight just to survive.

He was able to win about 71 street fights since 2003 he retired, this placing him as the overall best.
Gunn as a unique man has a unique story as well, born in a very poor family gypsy community close to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The financial status of his family have greater impact on him to fight to the top as the champion, where he ran into bare knuckle boxing on the aim of making life comfortable for his family.

Despite the kind of fight now is to death, Gunn still counted as the best among all, he is able to still maintain his status by having over two hundred thousand followers which made his opponents hate him the more.

Tyson Fury even acknowledged him as the best when it comes to boxing on the streets and truly he’s the best, isn’t he?