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The company is gradually losing touch with their audience as another wrestler walked away again. This puts TNA in a debacle and they are losing stars for it.

Their rating is gradually dropping, and it dropped further in this last week. Even on the farewell fight of Kurt Angle. Ken Anderson is another star who has just departed from TNA.

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This came to the public’s attention when Anderson was seen in a fight in Glasgow Scotland. He was working as an independent wrestler at Insane Championship Wrestling show in the recent past. The Insane Championship Wrestling show is one of UK’s top promotions.

“I don’t work for TNA anymore, so I agree with you, f–k TNA!,” These words he was said to have uttered as he walked out of the company. The crowd in Scotland also chanted this as the match went on.

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Reports say Ken Anderson did not just walk out, but was sacked by TNA. It also claimed that the company could not afford to pay its employees well.