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Josh Ashcraft, who currently works for OVW and Jim Cornette

It was reported last week that Jim Cornette and his wife Stacy were accused of sexual misconduct and grooming, with talent forced to perform sexual acts on Stacy or risk not getting booked. Jim Cornette denied the claims on social media and later on his podcast, but now someone else has come forward to corroborate them. Josh Ashcraft, who currently works for OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), stated on Twitter that original accuser Phil Earley is not a liar.


He wrote: “#SpeakingOut Phil Early is not a liar. The name that was blanked out in the messages was mine. I will support and back him on this fully. He was trying to protect me by giving background and context to his story. This may take a few tweets so stay with me.

When I got involved with the Cornettes I had heard the stories and rumors about stuff like everyone else did. Things didn’t get bad until late 2015 when I tried to separate myself from the situation. I had started to get interest in someone and decided that I wanted to move on.

Jim Cornette WWE NWA legend

Suffice to say that the situation didn’t end well. Stacey threatened me by saying she would have me blackballed in the business, sending me pictures of self harm she said that I was cause of, etc. Shortly after I ‘randomly’ got popped for a piss test. Then my apartments where I was living (section 8) with a new gf kept getting random inspections and complaints on me. (It was against my lease to have her with me).

I had been told that she had reached out to my job in the hope of getting me fired. She continued to message me even after I had told her that even seeing her was giving me severe anxiety and panic attacks. I know, sounds stupid. But I had heard the rumors of things that went on well before I ever met them and realized it was in my best interest to just ignore it and try to move on.

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Big Show slept with Jim Cornette’s wife

Then @PhilEarley4 came out with his story. He needed me to help give context to his situation. After everything came out I received calls and messages from Jim, Stacey and their attorney claiming it was me, why would I do this, etc. I told them that the messages werent from me and i had nothing to do with it.

But everything lined up with what I had experienced. I have been a fucking mess since last Thurs night. I have had panic attacks and massive anxiety with all of this shit coming back up. I was informed that they were making Phil’s life hell and I won’t stand by anymore.

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I wont let him be called a liar. I know this may damage me but part of my reasoning for not speaking out was being scared. Yeah I’m man enough to admit that I’m fucking terrified of typing this out. But its the right thing to do. I was then told that on this past weeks show, Jim said that he talked to me and I was fine with it. I’m not and I said as much.

I dont ‘kiss anyone’s ass when I see them’ I was raised to be polite and in a work setting i kinda have to be. I realize that I’m not a perfect person. And I know that in life people make mistakes. I made a mistake by staying quiet about this. @PhilEarley4 doesn’t need to be called a liar, a fake or be stalked. He’s trying to do the right thing and help people. Thats something commendable and I’m proud of him for it.

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We can be better. All of us. There are people who have been harmed way worse than me. Protect them. Protect the people helping others. Even at your own personal expense. I wont be bullied anymore by Stacey, Jim or anyone else.

This isn’t for ‘clout, recognition or anything else. This isn’t to get my name out there. I didnt want it out there. I wanted to get as far from this as possible. But this is the right thing to do to back a friend. Thanks for listening. Support good people doing good things.

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Jim Cornette

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