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According to reports, WWE Hall Of famer who murders his

33 years ago, the then girl friend of WWE superstar was reported dead mysteriously. Ever since, the case had seemed closed but recent the case has been re-opened.

Report has it that Nancy Argentino passed away since 1983 and her then boy friend Jimmy Snuka has been sued to court as the case file re-opened he is to face trial over the mysterious death of Nancy.

With the ongoing incidence, Jimmy’s Lawyer had pleaded for on his behalf saying that Jimmy is in no condition to face trial at this time. According to reports, Jimmy’s lawyers stated that the head injuries sustained by the former WWE Hall of Famer during his wrestling career has left him unable to undergo the emotional trauma a trial may impose upon him.

More so, the lawyers stated that Jimmy has lost of memory that he cannot recall all that happened then. To substantiate these proofs, the lawyers showed how Piper breaks a coconut on Snuka’s head. The other party lawyer refused using their own claims.

The case lasted for about four hours where the judge now had to postpone the case till Wednesday when the house will be fuller with witnesses. During the judgment, Snuka had refused to say a word to the judge’s question which made him looked mentally unfit. If this truly happens to be that Snuka is mentally unfit, and then this case is of no essence.