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According to Saban speaking in an interview he said,”When you talk to NFL teams, none of them ever say that to me. I don’t know where that came from. Eddie Lacy comes out and is rookie of the year as a running back. Where’s the wear and tear? We had 45 guys on NFL rosters last year, which is more than any other college team, so where’s the wear and tear? I don’t see it. Dr. (Lyle) Cain and Dr. (James) Andrews are our team doctors who deal with a lot of NFL players. They monitor what we do with our players,” Saban Reportedly said.

“I don’t think this is factual at all, and I resent the fact that anybody in the NFL, with the access we give them, the things we do to try to help them … that anyone would make a statement like that and hurt our program, if it were true. I don’t get that. I have heard people in the media say that before, but I haven’t heard anybody in the NFL actually say that.”

The idea of Alabama players entering the pro rank and get more beat-ups than other isn’t just running backs. Saban said,
“I think that’s really unfair. We use a catapult system here, which is a GPS system that measures wear and tear on players. We certainly keep a balance in what we do. We also keep a record of how our players progress through the season and how they finish the season, based on the workload we have,” Saban said.

“Those players all improve their workload throughout the season. We had the lowest injury rate of any team in our conference, which is the only way we can measure it. I think a lot of those things are not even true.”