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Former WWE Superstar and manager Bobby Heenan was said to be dead recently but that rumor never saw the light of the day as Gene Okerlund came forth to assert that Booby is alive and in good shape. reported that as soon as the rumor broke and was gathering substances, Gene Okerlund rose up and countered the move stating that Booby is much alive and healthy.

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He said it in this manner: “Bobby Heenan is very much alive. I’ll be seeing him and his loving wife in a couple of weeks. Heenan is one man that fans loved to hate. And that’s a good thing.”

For the heck of it, the 71-year old retired wrestler has made quite a name in pro wrestling. Yes, he has built the niche for himself – he had quite a great talent which kept the fans chants and hails coming in like rains.

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Heenan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 otherwise he’s most remembered for his time in American Wrestling Association as well as World Wrestling Federation.