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The death of the former WWE women champion Chyna has raised a lot of crisis from the WWE Universe. She was a mentor indeed and a wonder to look unto. It has been reported that she have been called by so many to be a Hall of Famer.

Would this ever be possible? I don’t think it would be easy due to her past affair with the Triple H. Chyna has been a renowned wrestler in the WWE for a long time now and she also is a founding member of the D-Generation X.

it was revealed that her relationship with Triple H was in a secret. This affair is what will hold her legacy even though she dead.

News of various sorts has been said of Chyna not being introduced to the Hall of Fame long ago; some said that it is because of her short stint in TNA while others said that it is because of her making various porn films.

Her death has caused a lots of things and has given room for some kinds of talks.

Some persons has thought that she can never be introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame, but this may change some day as Triple H may just induce her someday any year. It is possible but only time shall tell.