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After the WWE the European tour which is done annually after WrestleMania, The WWE Diva Paige made a brief announcement before the tour ended. Using Twitter, Paige said that she returning to Norwich which is her hometown to take some rest after some struggles.

According to, she said that she will be going there for a break just to suit herself after her tiresome schedules; she said that she has missed her family and wants to go spend time with them.

All she need is a break; yes indeed she deserves it as her career has been decreasing ever since 2011. Her career declination started ever since her division got renewed into the WWE Women’s Division.

Though, it is not her fault but the WWE are to blame. The WWE allowed her work out her identity herself but exalted her character too quickly.Paige is still very young, so there is no cause to regret about her career setback.

Paige is 23 years old and she has won lots of star prizes such as winning The two WWE Divas Championship in the same year and she also holds the record for becoming the NXT Women Champion.Wow! It is so unbelievable for this young Diva to have gotten such titles in one year. So, you see, she can still rise up to the top, let’s just allow her go for a break and come back.