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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns opens up on his daughter’s involvement in his feud with Bray Wyatt as well as making his professional wrestling dreams come true.

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been working tirelessly over the years and in a recent Wrestling Podcast on The Sam Roberts, he opens up, talks about how he intends to make his pro wrestling ambitions come true.

Also he talked about his daughter, Joelle, being involved in his feud with Bray Wyatt.

Reigns has not been doing badly in his professional career, he has crossed many bridges in the wrestling business already. But, like all human beings, he wants more! He wants to accomplish more and go as far as he could before he winds off from the wrestling business.

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See what he says below:

“I’ve been so fortunate to do so many incredible things in such a short time. Like, I came into this business with a plan to have a great career and do certain things, and bucket list stuff, and goals to check off. I didn’t think I’d do the stuff I’ve done thus far as quickly, and, I mean, not everybody is a religious person, [but] to me, that’s God. But it wasn’t even perfect. It was the best stuff ever to happen to me, but it still wasn’t exactly like I pictured it. So, God willing, I still have an opportunity to, like you said, make it how I pictured it.”

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Reigns admitted that he was not pleased about having his daughter involved in his storyline with Wyatt; however, he believes WWE did not go over the line. Reigns stated that he went along with the angle because the photograph of his daughter that was used on WWE television came from his Ad Council Fatherhood public service announcement, rather than being a private family photograph.

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“[The picture] wasn’t something that came from my home or private, like, me and [Joelle] selfie or something like that. It was a promotional thing that we did. It’s in the malls. You can probably see it on my Twitter, so that’s why I was okay with that.” Reigns continued, “we didn’t touch on it much after. It was something to spark, but too much is too much and I thought we were able to push a line and stay there and not go too far and we were able to go back towards the wrestling and the talent and us telling our individual competition story [as] opposed to getting too deep into that type of real life situation.”

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