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Sexual infidelity accounts for about 92 percent of marital dissolution according to experts. It shelters home, breaks up families, split kids apart and ultimately affects societal development.

According to experts, sexual infidelity is perhaps second to violence alone. We don’t like it, we resent it yet we get involved it time and again. The annoying side of it is that, even after we resolved not to do it again, we still find ourselves engaged in it. What could be the cause? Why are we so weak? Is it that we can’t make a decision and stand by it?


Often when we are trying to be strong and fix the messes in our lives together, we are reminded of our emotional and social fallout. It becomes even more overwhelming when we leanrt that an overwhelming figure of the male gender are involved in sexual infidelity than women. According to medical experts who conducted a recent survey among 2,500 adults, in nearly every 100 men, roughly 80 of them have more than once cheated on their wife more than three times at one time or the other.

So the big question now is, “why do men cheat?” Why is monogamy so hard for so many for us to practice?

1. Biological factor
According to zoologist David Barash, PhD, and psychiatrist Judith Lipton, MD, man (both genders) is wired from creation to have multiple sex partners. It’s the natural design every human. Interestingly, this is not applicable to man alone but also to animals. According to the Barash and Lipton nearly all animals, are far from being 100% monogamous 100% of the time.

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Lipton further drives his point home by stating that, “The only completely, fatalistically monogamous animal we’ve been able to identify is a tapeworm found in the intestines of fish”. That’s because the male and female worms fuse together at the abdomen and never separate afterward.

Other animals, including humans, are motivated to ensure their reproductive success not only by picking the highest quality mate they can get but also by taking others on the side.
“The examples where monogamy is perceived to be the norm are generally facades when you actually do DNA testing and see who’s sleeping with whom,” Lipton says. She and Barash make a distinction between sexual fidelity and what they call “social monogamy.” Even in animals that mate for life, like many birds do, DNA tests reveal that the offspring are often not related to the male of the pair.
That is the case with people, too. Lipton says.

At this point, you may want to excuse yourself that sexual infidelity is okay and impossible to achieve because of this natural or biological factor, but you just have to see what other experts have said and also how Lipton and Barash finally this interesting column on why men cheat on their wife and the way out.

To be continued….

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