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Randy Orton and His father, Cowboy Bob Orton Jr.

WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s father, Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. has passed away.

The internet is currently bobbling about the death of “Cowboy” Bob Orton, the father of WWE Superstar Randy Orton.
Claim is that, the father of Randy Orton and a WWE Hall of Famer had passed.

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But that is not true; our news crew is authoritatively reporting that Orton is in fine condition, hale and hearty. Upon further investigation, we gathered that Orton is set to be at ringside for Randy Orton’s match against Jinder Mahal at WWE Money in the Bank.

Orton is in fine condition and is set to be ringside for Randy Orton’s match against Jinder Mahal at WWE Money in the Bank.

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In line with the foregoing, WWE Superstar Randy Orton has debunked the rumor that his father is dead. Orton took to Twitter to announce that the news was false and that his dear father is in good shape.

Several fans also questioned Smackdown LIVE creative head ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James about the incident. James also took a similar stand and replied that the news was untrue and that it was a cruel rib by someone on the internet.

Cowboy’ Bob Orton is expected to be at the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday in St. Louis, MO where his son, Randy Orton will square off against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. The show will stream live on the WWE Network with the kickoff show starting at 7 PM E.

Our Final Note

Rumours are a part and parcel of the wrestling business. While credible rumours can give the fans a lot of information outside of the regular TV shows and live events, unsubstantiated and nasty ones tend to cause more harm than good to the business. However, Randy has handled the matter with utmost maturity; let’s now allow the lie dog to lie.