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Sasha Banks and Vince McMahon

WWE is officially releasing two Superstars from the company after WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match, has learnt.

The Women’s WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match line-up has been decided. 4 women from WWE SmackDown Live and 4 women from WWE RAW make up the line-up.

The confirmed line-up is as follows:

i) Ember Moon from SmackDown Live

ii) Carmella from SmackDown Live

iii) Mandy Rose from SmackDown Live

Liv Morgan on Instagram

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iv) Bayley from SmackDown Live

v) Dana Brooke from RAW

vi) Natalya from RAW

vii) Naomi from RAW

viii) Alexa Bliss from RAW

However, there was one name missing from the list, and it did not go unnoticed. Mickie James called out the current WWE Women’s Roster and WWE authorities for leaving her out of the mix.

WWE Superstar is Still Alive
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Mickie James is a veteran of the WWE Women’s Division. Of the current crop of Women Superstars on the roster, she has been around the longest. She was even a part of WWE during the time when WWE was transitioning from the Attitude Era to the Ruthless Aggression Era, and even when they made the change from Ruthless Aggression Era to PG Era.

So, it is safe to say that Mickie James has seen every version of WWE programming out there, and has been a part of most of it.


The WWE roster is ready for WWE Money in the Bank, but Mickie James was not okay with being left out. She said that she must be too edgy and that WWE was terrified of her because she was not what they wanted her to be.

Charlotte Flair WWE Women Champion

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She said that she was all that she needed to be and that she would always prefer the ‘Attitude Era’ to the ‘Gratitude Era’.

Recently, WWE has seen a break in kayfabe, as Superstars, including the Women’s Roster, have proclaimed how thankful they are for the opportunities they receive. This might be specifically targetted at Dana Brooke who has been asking for opportunities for a while now.

What’s next?

It will be interesting to see if WWE will release Mickie James over her comments and dissatisfaction. And while we awaits WWE’s reaction, word is that Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox WWE Release

Alicia Fox WWE dating

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Alica Fox showed up intoxicated to a WWE live event and Arn Anderson let her wrestle anyway. However, only Arn Anderson was fired for this offense.

The internet is not liking that at all and they are coming out about the subject in a big way.

The WWE Universe have been sounding off about this story. A majority of people don’t have very nice things to say either.

Becky Lynch WWE Photo
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“I agree, but how does Fox still have a job then?”

“Well she hasn’t wrestled in nearly a month, the WWE equivalent of semi-unpayed leave. They’re probably weighing their options or are working with her somehow.”

“100% she should be fired. She showed up and put a co-workers life at risk, and that’d get you fired from pretty much any other job, so WWE really shouldn’t be any different.”

“To be fair to Arn, how can anyone tell if Alicia Fox is drunk or sober?”

Sasha Banks WWE Departure

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks and her husband Sarath TonFinally Sasha Banks has finally dropped note on her WWE departure owing to frustrations and dissatisfaction from under using her talents.

And of course, former WWE women’s Champion Sasha Banks is kicking for her WWE release.

Sasha Banks is a great pro wrestler and she has given her body to the pro wrestling business countless times, especially for WWE. She might not be 100% happy though, or at least she’s hinting huge about leaving.

Liv Morgan on Instagram
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Sasha Banks finally says Goodbye to WWE following her backstage altercation with WWE Officials.