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Don’t forget how Nikki Bella broke AJ Lees record of the most WWE Divas Champion that has ever reigned, this time around is it going to be an easy ride for Seth Rollins to put a stop to CM Punks reign as the Winner of the longest reigning in the history of WWE of our time?

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Lets give a close look at how the WWE and CM Punk got separated, its like a two sided coin of head and tail. CM Punk in his own side of the story said “I was fired by WWE”. But at the other side of the story, the WWE claims CM Punk quits. So its possible to say this might work in favor of CM Punk as his reign might gradually be reduced. But this can be insignificant to decide upon.

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Currently, Seth Rollins has won the title for almost seven Months and CM Punks reigned for 14 months. This implies that Seth Rollins still has a long way to go if he must break Punks record of the longest reigning champion in WWE’s history.

Meanwhile, considering the past records and the current achievements of Rollins, he seems to be “The One” to break CM Punks record.

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