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Daniel Brayn is a retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE as the on-screen general manager of SmackDown Live. Recently, Kurt Angle finally revealed his big secret on Monday Night RAW, but it was Daniel Bryan who seized the limelight when Angle revealed that Jason Jordan was his illegitimate son. Fans were hoping for the debut of Dixie Carter or even rekindling of romance with Stephanie McMahon, but WWE took the safe route with the illegitimate son storyline.

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Kurt Angle revealed in the segment that he had dated a young lady during his college days and broke up with her after a brief fling. Angle went on to add that he only recently found out that she had given birth to his son. He then went on to brag about his son’s past achievements, including his passion for sports, before introducing Jason Jordan as his son.

However, WWE fans weren’t the only ones flabbergasted by this announcement. After Kurt Angle’s announcement that Jason Jordan was being moved to RAW, Jason’s tag team partner was also taken aback. Chad Gable was also shocked by the announcement and took to Twitter to voice his feeling.

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He simply tweeted, “ummmm…what?”

Daniel Bryan chose to reply to this tweet with tongue-in-cheek humor. Bryan’s reply to Chad set Twitter on fire. His tweet was absolutely hilarious given the circumstances and what had transpired the same night on RAW, as reported by Wrestling Inc. His tweet subtly hinted that he was the father of Chad Gable.

Since Jordan has been moved to RAW, Chad Gable will be left without a tag team partner. It is still possible that he too would be transferred to RAW, but that seems unlikely. In the past few weeks, he has been pushed in the singles arena. On the fourth of July edition of SmackDown, he faced AJ Styles in a singles match.

Chad Gable even faced Kevin Owens on June 20 with United States Championship on the line. It is worth noting that the American Alpha haven’t had any match since April on WWE television. Fans had noticed this absence, and with Gable getting singles matches, it appeared that he was the only one getting a push. Now, it is clear that both are getting a major push.

The entire Kurt Angle-Jason Jordan segment left the fans disappointed, as the WWE Universe was expecting more. However, Daniel Bryan’s hilarious tweet does add some comic relief for dejected fans.