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WWE Champion Seth Rollins has once more fallen out of his relationship; no one seems to know why.

It is no longer news that Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber’s relationship is over; Zahra has left his house and since parked into a new apartment, ProWrestlingSheet repeats.

According to sources, the two lovebirds broke up a pretty while ago and the both have moved on with their lives. Rollins now dating Sarah Alesandrelli whom he took out on vacation in Mexico last December.

As everyone seems to be booting with the possibility that Rollins might just get wedded to this very one, Sarah, word just dancing around the internet says that they have also broken up, of course secretly.

The rumour suggested that the fault could have Seth Rollins who have a track record of infidelity. Recall that was the one who first broke the cord when he cheated on his fiancée with Zahra which translates to the ex-fiancée posting nude photos of Seth and Zahra online.

That incident was as disgusting as anything but somehow, WWE managed to kill the whole thing and fans was glad to have Rollins back. Yes, it was supposed to mean a red card for Rollins career but WWE saved him. The company made him the champion the following month and the case was dropped.

That said, Rollins break up with Sarah Alesandrelli was said to be due to irreconcilable differences but we know there are more to that. However, as at the time of publishing this report, we are yet to ascertain the authenticity of the rumour but our team has made contacts to necessary bodies for details.

We shall bring you more updates when word comes to us…