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While fans were worried about popular WWE NXT Diva Cameron, she just came forth with an update about where she has been and what she has been doing in the past few months. In case you are one of those who have been asking where is Cameron and what’s she doing? Cameron just posted a message which she tagged, “My Early Christmas Present.”

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Hence, she revealed that she’s been training at the WWE Performance Center and working NXT live events because she is determine to see her in-ring skills improved. In the post, she used those kinds of words that those who are ready to climb to the top of their career not minding the potholes or odds usually use. Also, she revealed that she is not doing this self-improvement training alone, she’s got a coach and a colleague, indie wrestler Carlos Cannon beside her.

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She began like this:
My Early Christmas Present:
“The road leading to our ultimate goals and dreams is never an easy path to navigate. Pain, criticism and disappointment are just some of the potholes along the way. How you work your way through them is what separates the believers from the achievers.”

Then she went ahead to respond to what fans have been asking her as well as what she has been doing in the past few month about her career and life. In response, she said she has been “training down at NXT and performing at NXT live shows.”

Well, guess this might just keep the questions from further turning in. At least fans know where she is and what she is currently doing now. But the game is not over yet. Since she said she is training at WWE Performance Center and working NXT live shows, then we expect to see an improved Cameron when she eventually returns. We await your return, ma’am.