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Natalya was speaking with Digital Spy few days ago when she went to promote the WWE Total Divas return and she opened up on what she knew about Canadian professional wrestler and former ring announcer Rosa Mendes.

In that very interview, Natalya answered questions ranging from how she and her husband used to watch WWE Networks, through what she actually thought and later realized about the personality of Mendes to the way WWE encouraged the 36-year old on her pregnancy.

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Natalya or Natalie Katherine “Nattie” Neidhart is also a Canadian professional wrestler just like Rosa and their age differences is just a stretch of three. While Natalya is 33, Rosa is three years older and both are married — Natalya to Tyson Kidd and Rosa to Bobby Schubenski.

When Natalya was to speak on the contributions and actions of the New Total Diva Mandy from Tough Enough, she said:

“I’ve only known Mandy from Tough Enough. My husband and I watch everything on the Network, we watch anything WWE – Raw, SmackDown, Tough Enough – so we would watch it every week. I actually really liked her on the show. I thought she stood out because she had a lot of personality. Joining Total Divas I didn’t know how she would be, because everybody’s really nice when you first meet them – but so far I really get along with her.”

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She also noted that Rosa is a very genuine and honest person to have around, and she has a good attitude to complement her good look, Natalya added.

Natalya was asked to comment on the implication of having a pregnant Diva in the house and how that seems to be affecting other Divas.

Natalya said:

“It’s cool – it shows that WWE is celebrating women that are of every walk of life. The company is really embracing Rosa’s pregnancy which is a huge testament to WWE embracing not only diversity but also supporting women.”