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A Forbes article belonging to Alfred Konuwa saw WWE declaring the WWE Championship title vacant after Seth Rollins’ injury at last night’s WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland.

Alfred Konuwa in his article predicts that Roman Reigns will possibly replace Seth Rollins.

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Meanwhile, Kofi Kingston talked about fast food saying:
“Luckily, places like Chipotle, the stuff they’re selling is healthy,” Kingston said. “If you want it to be high in carbs, you just get more rice. If you don’t want carbs, you don’t get rice. You can focus on your protein and get double meat. It’s flavorful food that’s not processed, and it’s good for you, so a lot of us love Chipotle. Denny’s is a different case, but I’ll eat a pancake, ’cause I need a little fat in my diet. Or you can get your egg white for your omelets. A little shake every now and then isn’t a bad thing either. Denny’s always comes through in a clutch in terms of having a sit-down meal. Chipotle’s always the cream of the crop for us.”

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