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The video above shows the interview Michael Cole had with Triple H where he talks about the injury sustained by Seth Rollins.

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Read the summary of the interview below:
* The WWE World Heavyweight Title Triple H says the injury inflicted on Seth Rollins by Cole has put Rollins in an horrible and devastating situation. He said Rollins had everything going his way, had the needed support from all his fans as well as The WWE Authority. He said although it may be tough and unfair on Rollins now but he believes Rollins is a strong man who will overcome his ordeal and return big to reclaim his title.

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He also talks about Triple H’s offer to Roman Reigns on RAW and Reigns turning down his offer. Triple H says Reigns still has the chance to win the title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H offered him the chance to be entrusted by The Authority, and have him return their faith. Reigns would be guaranteed to get anything he ever wanted out of life and WWE. If he changed his attitude a bit, but he has chosen to walk his own path alone.

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