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Finn Balor won the WWE Universal Championship by defeating Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam last year and that was a remarkable feat especially having been pushed just a few weeks to the main roster.

The celebration was short lived as he lost the title the next night on Raw because of a serious shoulder injury that was to take him nine months for him to return to WWE television.

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However, but the fans had very high hopes that Finn could pick up exactly where he left off on Raw. But that has never happened and may never happen for the remaining months of the year.

And no one is excited about it — WWE Fans, Triple H, no one is happy that Finn Balor is stuck in a midcard feud with Bray Wyatt. Yes, the WWE Universe has grown more frustrated by the day because WWE officials haven’t given Finn Balor the push most people believe he deserves. He still hasn’t received his rematch for the Universal Title with Brock Lesnar.

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Information reaching us suggests that Triple H is trying to talk Vince McMahon unto bringing most NXT talent to SmackDown Live before moving them to Raw where Superstars are micromanaged far more. But, of course, that proposal is yet to be approved by the WWE CEO.

Finn Balor currently is on Monday Night Raw and of course WWE Universe has endorsed him as Finn as a babyface, and that would remain so as long as God knows.

That said, Finn Balor’s time will definitely come; it’s a matter of time before he receives his opportunity to climb the WWE ladder. We all just need to be somewhat more patient. The table would soon turn around for Finn Balor and his big match would Brock Lesnar would roll into the squared ring; I dare say.