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WWE Champion Deam Ambrose is likely going to be doing away with his wrestling career after sustaining a heavy injury.

Word is that if the injury of the Lunatic Fringe is as serious as said then it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that we have seen the last of him in the his wrestling ring.

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While that possibility bell has been rung, report says that it could be a storyline injury which is induced to end The Shield and begin a feud with Seth Rollins.

However the WWE Universe is not entirely convinced that Ambrose’s injury is real or as serious as said. They believe that WWE pinned that on him to advance a storyline, and as a vehicle to fuel a feud between wrestlers as we approach a major WWE PPV event.

For the heck of it, Dean Ambrose sustained a serious arm injury when he was attacked in the locker room by Samoa Joe, Cesaro, and Sheamus which could be a pinch to a major feud understanding that a major WWE PPV event is just a stone away.

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As reported by the official WWE website, Ambrose has a high-grade triceps tendon injury and underwent surgery few days ago. Wrestling Observer report that Ambrose has a genuine injury, even though it appeared to be an angle when it was shown on Monday Night Raw.

Now, if we would want to dissect the matter as it ought to, we would have to state that if Ambrose has sustained a high-grade triceps tendon tear as claimed by the WWE, then his career could be over. According to a report by Sports MD, a torn triceps tendon “is a potentially career-threatening injury which requires prompt surgical repair and significant rehabilitation.”

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Also Health Pages have reported that, a torn tricep tendon can take up to nine months to heal properly. It would seem that the best case scenario for Ambrose is that he will be out of action for around nine months, that would, of course, mean that Ambrose will miss major WWE PPV events including Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and perhaps return at the brink of SummerSlam which is not good enough for his career.

That said, our team is currently on top of the matter to get the exact details of Ambrose’s injury and to ascertain if was a storyline of not. We shall bring you details in no time. Please do check back again.